Being Me

The past two days we celebrated Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashana is an opportunity to reflect on one’s year, life, and goals. As I thought about the last year of my life, I realized that I have never been more comfortable being me.

I am not sure that I can pinpoint exactly what changed in my life that made me more comfortable with who I am. But, in typical blog post fashion, here are three areas that have helped me be more comfortable with me.



It is not often that you get the chance to hear a person’s internal dialogue or get a glimpse into what their struggles are in life. But books are an amazing resource to help tap into that insight. Non-fiction books helped me realize that there are all kinds of people struggling and overcoming all types of hardships. Which in turn made me more comfortable with the differences and struggles I saw in myself.


For a long time I was just cruising along in life. I never gave much thought to who I wanted to be. I let the circumstances in my life dictate the path that I was heading on and the person I was becoming. Around the same time I began reading, I also began working actively to achieve personal goals. Goals like: respect, humility, becoming an overall better person. I am most comfortable now with the person that I have intentionally set out to become.


I could not have imagined how marriage would make me more comfortable in my own skin. But being around someone who sees and loves all my different quirks, makes me so much more comfortable with the quirks that I have.

I am now comfortable and proud to say that I sell t-shirts, I sometimes speak with a squeaky voice, I struggle with food consumption, I cry in movies, I make mistakes.

May we all have New Year filled with happiness, health, and a little more comfort with who we are.

Shana Tova (Happy New Year)!

Being Me

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