The Hebrew Hammer Retires

I rode my motorcycle for the last time six days ago. I love my 2004 Harley Softail Deuce with a 1584cc engine and custom flame paint job. Johanna (yes, I named her, and yes, she is Latina) is now sitting at a dealership in Little River, SC waiting to be sold. The last ride was a bittersweet moment for me that marked an end to a chapter in my life.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 4.59.29 PM

I began riding with my cousin Jack when we were 15. Riding used to make me feel free. Free from constraints, an expression of my independence. It would help me relax. I throughly enjoyed throwing on my jeans jacket and going for rides. Jack and I even played around with the idea of starting a biker gang: “The Hebrew Hammers.”

But I did not feel that same sense of freedom and relaxation during the last ride, I mostly felt nervous (…maybe because I was riding a motorcycle at 75 mph).

Side story:

Two weeks ago my sister (16 years old) texted our family group chat asking if she could get signed parental consent to go skydiving (she is currently studying in Israel). I believe her intent in including my brother and I in the request was so that we could petition on her behalf. Unfortunately, for her, I thought it was a horrible idea.

This is why: because she was asking my parents to agree to put her in a potentially lethal situation that was not necessary. For my parents, there was very limited upside and unthinkable downside. I have no problem with people skydiving; I have done it myself a couple times. But risking your life is not a decision that someone else should be responsible for.

Right before jumping
Right before jumping

Back to me:

I have never before felt so responsible for my own life, specifically the success that I achieve in my life. With my family: success as a husband, son, sibling, and eventually as a father. As a human being: success in making a difference in this world.

And to be able to achieve those things, I need to be around. I have always been aware of the risks of riding motorcycles. But as the responsibilities of my life increase, I am less willing to take those risks (is riding a fixie bicycle in NYC less dangerous?). And that is what made me nervous the other day.

I am sad to see Johanna go. But I am happy for the different aspects of my life that require me to be present and on top of my game.

The Hebrew Hammer Retires

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