Rome wasn’t built in a day

When I have a habit in place, it doesn’t seem hard to get it done. For example, I used to work out regularly. I didn’t think about whether or not I should work out, I just did. It started with organized sports, where for 10 years I had a regimented work out schedule, and that spilled over into my day-to-day routine. Nowadays it seems much harder to work out. I believe this is so because I allow myself the opportunity to decide whether or not I should work out. And that decision often cripples me.

Over the past year, I have slowly dropped some of the better habits that I developed, and I want them back. I have a clear idea of what I want to be doing on a daily and weekly basis that I am not currently getting done.

So I am going to throw it out there for all of you to see, and hold me accountable. I will be posting my progress on a monthly basis giving myself a score from 1-10 on each activity. I will continue to do this over the next 3 months, with the goal of making them into more permanent habits. I created a Google spreadsheet so that anyone can see how I am doing at any time, should you for some reason choose to do so.


  • Before Work
    • Do not snooze alarm clock
    • 15 minutes of breathing exercises
    • 5 minutes of journaling
    • Write down 3 things that I am grateful for
  • After Work
    • 30-minute workout: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
    • 5 minutes of stretching
    • Spend 10 minutes outside (not mutually exclusive with stretching)
    • 1 hour + of family time
    • At least 15 minutes of reading
    • Write down 10 ideas… for anything


  • Date night with Lorraine, every Wednesday
  • Have a Skype dinner with my family


I have found that each of the items above makes me happier and healthier, and I am all about being happy and healthy. To make me physically healthier I have the workouts, the stretching and the time outside. To make me happier I  am going to dwell on what makes me happy and spend more time with the people that I love. To make me more creative I will read and write. To help me manage my stress I have the breathing exercises and journaling.

S65604219o this is my attempt at removing the decision-making in my life and rebuilding some good habits. I hope to achieve this by 1) being held accountable, 2) having measurable results, 3) setting realistic goals, and 4) prescribing specific times and days where each activity will take place.

Wish me luck!




**Update 8/16/16: I failed miserably at keeping up with the spreadsheet, but some of the habits have stuck so far. I no longer snooze, which has been great. I journal a few times a week. I am spending more than 1 hours of family time a night. And I get my 10 minutes outside.


Rome wasn’t built in a day

One thought on “Rome wasn’t built in a day

  1. Dee Sanders says:

    Go Aviv!!!! I will be rooting for you!! As a woman who has “eucharisteo” tattooed on her wrist..(Greek for Thanksgiving..also contains the word “charis” which means Grace) might I suggest that as you start on this journey..that you train yourself to notice things, as you go about your day, to be thankful for/or in addition to coming up with them intentionally. I find that I am happiest when I can even take something that you would not normally think of as happy, and find a blessing in it. Rooting for you!
    Dee (Layne’s Mom)


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