Why I Write

I first started writing this blog a year and two months ago as a challenge to myself. Over time I found that I am enjoying writing more and more. But why? I thought about that question, and here is what I came up with:

  • It has been a great creative outlet. I think about what could make a good post pretty regularly. I have lists of blog post ideas in all different places. It has been fun to trigger the part of my brain that thinks more creatively. The first 15-ish blog posts would take me over 4 hours to write. I would start off with an idea of how I wanted the entire post would play out and try to fit my writing into that structure. But inevitably, as I actually wrote, the blog post took on a life of its own.
  • People (you!) read my blog, and that’s pretty cool. It is a great feeling when someone lets me know what he or she did or did not like about the blog post. It is really interesting to see which people enjoy which posts. Also, knowing that people will read what I write motivates me to put in the time to write.
  • I get to express some parts of myself that I would probably never talk about, and it feels good to be that open. I feel like if I ever went to a job interview, and the interviewer says, “Aviv, I want to get to know you better” I could go the blog on my laptop, spin the laptop around and say “Boom!”


  • I read over my blog to remember what I was thinking about at different points in time over the past year+. You know how sometimes you get really into a book, and you are like “I am going to do ALL the things in this book!” and then 2 days pass by and you completely forgot that you read the book? Well it is nice to have a place that captures how I felt about specific things at specific time where I can look back and say “oh yeah… that was really cool… I should do that.”
  • It is also a fun way to capture my mindset at different life stages. I think it is going to be a trip to read back on this blog in 10 years and see what I was thinking about before my daughter was born.
  • Most importantly, writing has helps me understand myself. It makes me think. Oftentimes, I am not aware of how I really feel about a subject until I sit down for a couple hours and write about it. It isn’t until I put pen to paper (so to speak) that the ideas become clear. And the clarity of the ideas leads to more clarity of mind.

So, thats why I write. The journey to here has been fun. And I am curious to see where it can go.

Why I Write

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